Perennial Favorite Thing: neighborhood Boy

Scenerio: Your Author walks into TEN63, a local joint in LIC, Queens, and sees a small flyer box labeled “neighborhood Boy,” beside another box labeled “how come?”

Your Author, of course, is intrigued but determined to purchase cool beverage.

While standing in line for said beverage, she sees SMALL BOY enter shop, drop “neighborhood Boy” newspapers into appropriate box, open “how come?” box, and leave.

Thus, we discover “neighborhood Boy” – quite possibly the coolest zine ever put out by ten-year-olds. Each delightful edition contains roughly eight pages of insightful, cleverly-written first-person interviews, editorials and lifestyle commentary, in addition to photography and a smattering of ad material.

Gems from recent issues include the usage analysis & design review of Sephora shops by Willa Decker Lee, the sibling-rivalry-infused Baseball Hall of Fame piece by Gabriel Decker-Lee (“The Baseball Hall of Fame is a very cool place to visit, but I don’t suggest it to some people I know who went and complained all the time and asked too many questions”) and the spot-on “Hellboy” movie review by Jake Saunders.

And the afore-mentioned “how come?” box? It’s arguably “neighborhood Boy’s” finest feature. How come girls and boys are different? How come some girls wear makeup? Those who have fuzzy memories about what the world looks like through younger eyes get an instant refresher. Just ask “how come ___?” and slip it in the labeled box. Answers magically materialize in survey form in a future issue.

Brilliant. Why can’t I be ten again?

Pick up “neighborhood Boy” at TEN63 in Long Island City, Queens. (Jackson Ave between 49th and 50th Aves.)

NOVEMBER UPDATE: The New York Times has finally covered “neighborhood Boy." See? If you were reading MissGinsu, you were already six months ahead of the game.

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