A Passion for Kimchi

Through pure happenstance (or was it fate?), I bumped into an old love today.

Having missed my train stop, I ended up walking past my favorite Korean grocer (Hana Food, 534 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn), and there in the deli case, was my forgotten obsession, flushed with a healthy crimson glow.

I clamored stupidly forward and we were reunited in a scene worthy of epic poetry.

How could I have lost touch after all the good times we’ve shared? What was it that tore us apart?

I can’t even remember, and now, I guess it doesn’t matter. Kimchi and I will never let our love fade away again.

It’ll never be exclusive, of course. Kimchi is, after all, a staple food of Korea, so I share my ardor with millions.

I won’t be greedy, as long as I get equal time. So while I revel in the passion of reunion, check out these cool Kimchi pages, with more information than you’ll ever need about my sweetie, “the most relished food in Korea.”

If you’re inspired and have lenient roommates/family members, it’s pretty easy to make your own at home. Just keep in mind that kimchi, like all other fermented things, is an awkward housemate.

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