Feeling Isolationist? On Making Your Own Rations.

Feeling Isolationist? On Making Your Own Rations.

Neighbors making you crabby? Problems with your boss? Just sick of the world in general?

Maybe it’s time to hole up in an undisclosed location and make your own rations.

Not sure where to begin? Fear not, neophyte. War reenactors and historical anachronists have maintained the ancient art of assembling flavorless food and that knowledge is now available on the internet for your weekend-project pleasure.

Thanks to the wild, wild web, you can pay a quick visit to the World War Two Ration Technologies K Ration Page and there’s now a wikihow Hardtack Tutorial to learn you a few tasty nuggets of information designed to steer you from ration-building failure and public humiliation.

Naturally, you’d do well to heed the words of the 14th Tennessee:

“There is not much worse for a reenactor who has gone the extra step to correctly package his food, then to hear the awful crinkling of a cellophane goober bag. If you don’t want your head bit off, or to be known as a Farb, then package your food correctly.”

Miss Ginsu

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