Garden of Eve Farm Trip I: Farming Farmstands and CSA Sales

Garden of Eve Farm Trip I: Farming Farmstands and CSA Sales

Having been a CSA member for many years, it’s my great shame that I’ve only just visited the source of my delicious veggies. Thankfully, now I’ve been there and back, returning with armfuls of fun things to share.

A view inside the chicken house at Garden of Eve A sign encouraging visitors to visit the chickens

But first, a little context: Garden of Eve Farm spreads out across 120 acres on Long Island near the Long Island Sound. They farm a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and honey, and they supply a farmstand, as well as farmers market sales and CSA shares that are delivered to New York City and Long Island.

Family farmers Chris and Eve actively seed 40 acres of their 120 acres at any one time with their organic vegetables and flowers, leaving about 40 acres as wild forestland and working to enrich the organic matter in the soil of the remaining 40 fallow acres.

Eve and Chris on the family farm

They’ve had a CSA program for about four years, they run a shop at the farm and they sell produce and flowers on the weekends at farmers' market locations, including one at the Greenpoint Farmers' Market.

In this video, you’ll see the farm’s bees and chickens, and hear Chris talk about work on the farm.

Can’t get enough farm life? You’re in luck… I’ll publish part II of this three-part series tomorrow and the third video on Wednesday.

Miss Ginsu

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