Recipes Classic Peanut Butter Cookies: Adventures in Dangerous Baking

These days, you really can’t bring peanut butter cookies or peanut trail mix or even good old PB&J sandwiches into a lot of schools. One of my daddy friends tells me that his daughter’s school has banned not only peanuts, but homemade snacks in general. So put away your family’s favorite recipe for lemon bars. School treats must now be individually packaged snack foods. Great for food manufacturers. Lousy for parents who want to cook with their kids and demonstrate the value of the homemade.

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Day 13: Name that Cookie
Recipes Day 13: Name that Cookie

*This post marks Day 13 of Miss Ginsu’s 2007 Advent Calendar. My dad’s family grew up really poor. Six kids in an uninsulated shack. My uncle Karl and his brothers were all stuffed into the attic, and he told me he remembered that on cold winter mornings they woke up with frost on the blankets. Grandpa built the place himself and worked a series of odd jobs to support the family.

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Day 1: Wonder Dough
Recipes Day 1: Wonder Dough

I’m a sucker for one thing that does many things. The Swiss Army knife. The cast-iron skillet. Duct tape. With that in mind, what’s not to love about the efficiency of a single cookie dough that offers endless variation? Around the time-crunched holidays, a versatile recipe makes gift baking simple. If need be, you can make just one little batch of sugar cookies, one batch of ginger cookies and just one batch of chocolate-peppermint cookies.

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