Day 11: Herein We Go a Wassail-ing
Recipes Day 11: Herein We Go a Wassail-ing

*This post marks Day 11 of Miss Ginsu’s 2008 Advent Calendar. When I lived in Minneapolis, one of my friends organized annual holiday caroling. It was probably my favorite thing about the whole holiday season. We spent far more time “practicing” than caroling (you can accurately insert “goofing around” for the quoted material above), but it was good fun for all. We stuck to the classics, and Here We Go a-Wassailing was always on the list.

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Recipes Day 9: Superb English Tea Scones

*This post marks Day 9 of Miss Ginsu’s 2008 Advent Calendar . Somehow, we Americans tend to fixate on the Victorian era, particularly in London, as the point on the time-space continuum for maximum Christmas revelry. I think we can blame Dickens for this. These days, we don’t travel in open sleighs, we don’t open the shutters and throw up the sash to spy St. Nick on the lawn, and you won’t catch us wearing furry beaver muffs or lighting lanterns around our homes unless it’s for reasons of historical romance, but these visions all somehow seem holiday-appropriate to us.

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Food Quote Friday: The Guardian

“Anticipating the long and tense night ahead for him and his team, Darling had taken matters in hand at 8.30pm, personally ringing one of his favourite restaurants, Gandhi’s in Kennington, south London, to order £245 worth of rice, karahi lamb, tandoori chicken, vegetable curry and aloo gobi.” — Patrick Wintour, Jill Treanor & David Teather for The Guardian in “How an era in banking was brought to an end — over a curry”

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A Hammock, a Pimm’s Cup and Thou
Recipes A Hammock, a Pimm’s Cup and Thou

Personally, I feel that fully half of what makes the Pimm’s Cup such a beguiling summer cocktail is in the garnish. There are multiple variants, of course. Honestly many of them look waaaay too complicated for a lazy summer day. I favor the ultra-simple slice of cucumber + slice of lemon. But note that I’m pulling out my aunt’s amazing antique cups for this… presentation is important. Pimm’s makes a variety of styles, and that namesake cocktail made with the formulation known as No.

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Recipes Day 24: Supremely Easy Lime Curd

*This post marks Day 24 of Miss Ginsu’s 2007 Advent Calendar. Welcome to Christmas Eve! The 24th has arrived, and if you had great intentions of doing anything before the holiday, it’s kind of too late. Why not relax and let go of unrealistic expectations? I’ve blogged about the thrills of lemon curd previously, but here we are in the middle of citrus season, and I’ve only blogged four times about various citrus fruits this month, and not even once have I mentioned limes.

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