Trout Duxelles: The April Fish
Recipes Trout Duxelles: The April Fish

I love the tale behind the poisson d’avril, aka the April fish. And to think! I went my whole life not knowing this slippery story until last year when J filled me in, bless him! If you already know about what fish have to do with the first of April, just skip ahead to the recipe. If not, allow me to unwind the mystery: Waaay back in the day, Charles IX decreed that January 1 would officially be the new New Year’s Day in France.

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Food Quote Friday: Mark Morris

“Fish and chips used to be a poor man’s treat, but with the prices, it’s becoming a delicacy.” — Mark Morris, a London fishmonger

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Make a Date with a Fish. Or maybe a Clam.

In my experience, there’s a lot of things the experts recommend for good health, but those things don’t happen if you don’t schedule them and/or make them into habits. Or, maybe more precisely, they do happen, but the occurrences are sporadic. The thought here is simple: If you want to make good health a priority, you need to make space for it. On your calendar. With a pen. Fish, for example, is recommended by nutritionists as part of a healthy diet, but how often do you manage to work it into your meals?

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Eat like Mr. Miyagi

The good people of Okinawa, Japan, are known for more than mind-blowing karate. Okinawans are also some of the longest-lived people on the planet, and are reported to have the largest population of centenarians in the world. Of course, our modern era being what it is, that fact that has subsequently spurred the so-called Okinawa Diet, a reduced-calorie plan that’s based, for the most part, around veggies and fish. (Gee whiz, Wally… doesn’t that sound like the Mediterranean Diet?

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Quick Bites: HerringFest

I’m now officially in love with the herring. A trip last week to Grand Central Oyster Bar’s Herring Festival struck me smitten with the briny, oily flesh of these little guys. You see the split display with chives, egg and radish above, but my favorite item was the apple, beet, sour cream, dill pickle and herring salad off the appetizer menu. A gorgeous balance of sweet, salty, creamy, fatty and sour.

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