Recipes What’s For Dinner? Autumnal Arugula-Apple Saute

On Monday night, I cooked a turkey breast roast. With some roasted Brussels Sprouts and pan gravy, it was a fine dinner. I cubed the rest of the roast, and this week I’ve been using up the cubes in various ways. The turkey-black bean burrito on a whole-wheat tortilla. The turkey cubes in my antipasti salad at lunch. Tonight’s meal might be my favorite of this week’s leftover turkey dishes. An Autumnal Arugula-Apple Sauté in just 15 minutes flat.

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Raising a Glass to Brazil: The Blackberry Caipirinha Cocktail
Recipes Raising a Glass to Brazil: The Blackberry Caipirinha Cocktail

I just want to take a moment to say “thank you” to Brazil. Why? Well, although the country has some challenges (poverty, etc.) those lovely Brazilians export a lot of wonderful things to the citizens of the rest of the world. Bossa nova, samba, capoeira, jiu-jitsu, feijoada, churrascaria, The Girl From Ipanema… all things evocative of sensuality and living life with verve. So thanks very much, Brazil! I raise a caipirinha to you.

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The Mysteries of Tomato-Watermelon Gazpacho
Recipes The Mysteries of Tomato-Watermelon Gazpacho

I’ve known those who salt their watermelon, and those who sugar their tomatoes. I once thought these practices were madness. After culinary school, I become more flexible in my appreciation of these summer flavors. Yes, watermelon could get along happily in a savory salad. Yes, tomatoes could represent the sweet aspect of a dish. Once I’d gotten past the prejudices of my youth, I learned that tomatoes and watermelon could be great friends in salads.

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Spiced Ginger Peach Pie: When You’re Mad for Peaches
Recipes Spiced Ginger Peach Pie: When You’re Mad for Peaches

With July now ripe and full, it seems like the whole world is tipping at the brink of peach madness. Over at the White On Rice Couple blog, one finds adorable dogs licking peaches. I personally just received 15 juicy little darlings in last night’s CSA box. They’re about to become peach compote or maybe just peaches sliced into yogurt if only I can keep myself from devouring them all in a dripping, fleshy mess over the sink.

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Kind of Blue: Dad’s Classic Sunday-Morning Blueberry Muffins
Kind of Blue: Dad’s Classic Sunday-Morning Blueberry Muffins

I’ve met people who seem to resent their bodies. Maybe they find their skin and bones limiting or ugly or even bothersome. Truthfully, there is responsibility involved in owning a body. It needs to be fed, walked, watered, bathed and stroked. Some would, understandably, rather just spend time on other projects and pursuits. On the other hand, there here are, among us, those who truly relish living in their bodies. They’re sensualists.

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What’s In The Box? Part II

It’s week two of my half-share CSA distribution. The local weather’s been alternating between gorgeous sunny days and violent thunderstorms recently. That has to be affecting the local veggies. The first shipment was heavy on lettuces. So what’s in the box this week? Arugula Zucchini… big ones! Chinese cabbage (flowering, but still tasty) Mesclun lettuce mix Red leaf lettuce Pea shoots

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The Cocktail Kit: Preserved Bourbon Cherries
Recipes The Cocktail Kit: Preserved Bourbon Cherries

In the last edition of the Cocktail Kit, we took another look at the joy of Homemade Bitters . This time, we’re looking at a seasonal cocktail delight that also has uses in number of impressive non-cocktail treats… the preserved cherry. I posted about maraschino cherries back in ‘05, gave a bit of history and offered up a DIY recipe, but I didn’t give enough thought to one of the dastardly details that surround the maraschino cherry saga…

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Food Quote Friday: May Sarton

“Now for a little I have fed on loneliness As on some strange fruit from a frost-touched vine— Persimmon in its yellow comeliness, Of pomegranate-juice color of wine, The pucker-mouth crab apple, or late plum— On fruit of loneliness have I been fed.” — May Sarton, from Encounter in April

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Recipes Tapas Party in a Jar

One of the great things about serving tapas is that it’s just good, simple food. Score a cheap rioja and a Spanish cheese, slice a sausage, make a nice salad and open a bunch of jars. In Spain, they actually put tasty things in jars. I have a favorite Spanish salad recipe that’s made up of bacalao , oranges, tomatoes and green olives. This might sound strange if you’re not accustomed to sweet and savory salads, but this kind of flavor combination is very ordinary in the Mediterranean.

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The Banana Batida: Crave Hero
Recipes The Banana Batida: Crave Hero

I can pass on cake. I can stop at one cookie. I’ll often slice a brownie in half and be satisfied with a slim portion. I demonstrate wonderful restraint when presented with a box of chocolates… one every few days is really all I crave. But ice cream is the point at which restraint and prudence end. I really love ice cream. It’s probably my biggest dessert weakness. Maybe it’s genetic.

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