Rocambole Garlic: Arguably the Best…
Food facts Rocambole Garlic: Arguably the Best…

Initially, I assumed Rocambole was strain of garlic. As it turns out, I was wrong. It’s a variety. What does that mean? Think back to Biology 101. Rocambole just indicates a particular type of hardneck garlic. Porcelain and Purple Stripe are the other hardnecks. The softneck garlic varieties are Artichoke or Silverskin. So there are five varieties: Porcelain, Purple Stripe, Rocambole, Artichoke and Silverskin and then there are more than 300 different garlic strains that vary in color, shape, size, scent and flavor.

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Recipes What to Do With Five Pounds of Garlic? Part II

Oh, how time flies when you have a 2.5 pounds of garlic sitting in your refrigerator. I’m talking, of course, about my super-abundance, as mentioned in a previous post. Although the posted expiration date is long past, they still seem to hold up well, so I’ve had some time to play with these stinky little gems. After discovering the many ways one can use up one’s supply of roasted garlic spread, making 40-clove chicken (twice), pumping out a bunch of Indian cuisine and sneaking slices of the stuff into everything short of breakfast cereal, I was casually wondering why I haven’t had a date in weeks.

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Recipes What to Do With Five Pounds of Garlic? Part I

There it was, towering among a pile of bleached garlic braids and heads at the sampling table at work. An industrial-sized bin. Five pounds of peeled garlic. All my coworkers were, understandably, intimidated. They took a head or two. They grabbed a braid for their kitchens. Awash in greed and drunk on self-confidence, I snatched the industrial-sized bin and sped back to my desk to adore my bounty. And then, of course, the inevitable question.

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