Hedonista Hundred, Part VI: 26-30

In which Miss Ginsu gushes about a run of wonderful, inexpensive pleasure places. Yes, this is a project that’s taking me forever to complete, but I press on… The Hedonista 100 is an ongoing list of 100 favorite food finds: cookbooks, snacks, tools, places, recipes, ideas & more. Now, I could give you a thousand words each on these delicious entries, but I believe a pretty photo alongside an ounce of linguistic restraint might be a bit more in order.

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The Hedonista Hundred, Part V: 21-25

Pushing onward in the quest to uncover and document 100 wonderful and tasty things… If you’ve missed prior twenty, you’ll find ‘em at at the search page. Picnic food . Even if it’s only a loaf of bread and a chunk of cheese. Even if you don’t have a blanket. Even if you didn’t make it yourself. There’s just something twice as grand about eating outside under the sky.

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The Hedonista Hundred, Part IV: 16-21

Yeah, I’ve been slacking a bit on my previously stated mission to share 100 wonderful and tasty things. Sorry about that. I’m resolving to be more consistent. But I know ya’ll like pretty pictures, so my (very slowly growing) directory of really awesome food things continues today with five succulent snacks in a pretty little photo essay. If you’ve missed the count from [1-5, 6-10 or 11-15], you’ll find ‘em at the archive page.

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Recipes The Hedonista Hundred, Part III

One of the reasons I enjoy food writing happens to be embarassingly practical: food is an extensive topic. Sometimes revelatory, sometimes distressing, food study touches the arts, sciences, politics, economics, religion, ethics, psychology… “The Hedonista Hundred” is my project to document 100 food joys in much the same way Saveur magazine does every year in their “Saveur 100” issue. Backtrack if you’ve missed parts I and II or read on for items 11 through 15.

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The Hedonista Hundred, pt 2

Continuing my list of 100 fantastic food things, I submit for your approval: Manchego: Tasty, accessible and ever-so versatile. It might be the cheese with which a person could satisfy the “What if you could only have one cheese for the rest of your life?” question. Redhots! The cinnamon candy classic becomes the high point of a handful of memories revolving around clumsily hand-glued shoeboxes bulging full of thin paper valentines (begrudgingly delivered by classmates who were forced to distribute one to everyone… even the homely little girls at which they normally threw iceballs).

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The Hedonista Hundred

Saveur magazine is tapping my phone line. I’m sure of it. It’s either that, or they bribed my dentist to implant a recording device in one of my molars. How else could they have known about the The Condiment Packet Museum (check the pantry links), my devotion to Rick’s Picks GT1000s, my chef and that avocado salad I made every day for six months of my life at Tabla, the public produce at fallenfruit.

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Miss Ginsu is a nom-nom-nom de plume of Leitha Matz, who worked at Tabla and FreshDirect in NYC, wrote about the food scene from 2004 to 2009 in Brooklyn and presently lives in Berlin. Occasionally seen on TV cooking segments, Leitha has also written for FreshDirect, contributed to Cee Cee Berlin, The Food52 Cookbook and has been interviewed/quoted in The Food Keeper as well as The Washington Times and Salon.

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