Dining in the Twin Cities

The New York Times published an article today that features “The Foodie Scene in the Twin Cities,” the subhead for which proclaims, “In another sign of a cultural awakening, dining out in this city of sensible industry is no longer confined to steakhouses.” What?! Confined to steakhouses? Seriously? Did the writer actually visit MSP? I lived there for close to ten years and I can’t remember ever eating at a steakhouse.

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The Triple-Rock Social Club: Want Coffee With That, Hon?

Neighborhood joints should have a bit of fun with their menus, right? I mean, maybe restaurants in contention for multi-star reviews have some reason to write up flowery prose with cursive fonts, but I feel that the corner bistro and the neighborhood greasy spoon can afford to demonstrate a little personality. Sometimes I love a menu so much, I’m forced to beg for it (failing that, I’m sometimes forced to thief it).

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Travel A Love Song to Minneapolis

So many have dedicated love songs to New York. But Minneapolis? Nobody’s really written a huge epic of gushing praise like you’ll find in “New York, New York,” but then, MSP isn’t half the peacock that old NYC is. Maybe those winters make her a bit harder to embrace. We do have Prince, who puts the sexy funk into “Uptown” and Tom Waits, who sung sadly about 9th and Hennepin. So an appropriate anthem probably lies somewhere between Lucinda Williams' dark terror piece, That Dog’s anthem of adolecent longing, and The Replacements' earnestly sad and beautiful “Skyway.

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About Me

Miss Ginsu is a nom-nom-nom de plume of Leitha Matz, who worked at Tabla and FreshDirect in NYC, wrote about the food scene from 2004 to 2009 in Brooklyn and presently lives in Berlin. Occasionally seen on TV cooking segments, Leitha has also written for FreshDirect, contributed to Cee Cee Berlin, The Food52 Cookbook and has been interviewed/quoted in The Food Keeper as well as The Washington Times and Salon.

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