Resolution #5: It’s All In the Timing

What’s even more confusing than the research flip-flopping every decade or so on whether it’s okay to eat buttered toast or not? Recent findings indicate that you also need to pay attention to the time of day to determine what to eat. Yup. One more thing to think about. But the good news is, Resolution #5 is pretty easy to incorporate. You just have to remember two little rules about timing:

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Resolution #4: Keep it Low & Slow

I’ve learned a lot about healthful eating recently from J, who’s interested in the topic for the sake of intellectual curiosity and athletic performance and also my brother Dan, who was diagnosed with diabetes last year. The most interesting thing I’ve learned is that although their goals are different, their methods are almost identical . Even though J wants to maximize his performance and Dan is looking to stay healthy, they’ve both adopted the same philosophy on diet and exercise.

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Recipes Resolution #3: Get Cultured

There’s nothing like the zeal of the convert, and ever since I started getting regular doses of probiotics in my diet, I can’t shut up about ‘em. After years of having a constantly grumpy tummy, the belly is soothed and I feel my overall health is better. Thank you, gut flora. Fermented milk products like yogurt or kefir are an obvious way to get the probiotic party started, but not everyone eats dairy, so those folks can look to fermented plant products like pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, miso and kombucha for their healthy bacteria.

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Resolution #2: Rearrange the Plate

In culinary school, we did a lot of plate drawings. The elements were always different, but the formula was invariable: Protein, Veg, Starch. Protein, Veg, Starch. J recently started trying to drop weight to qualify for a lower weight division at tournaments, and he suggested that we drop the starch sector from our plates. “Just double the vegetables and put the meat on the side.” At the time, this statement was revolutionary, and I must admit, not terribly welcome.

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Resolution #1: Better Brown Bagging

Get to (or stay at) a healthy weight. Enjoy variety. Save money. Control what goes into your body. Feel more organized. These are just a few of the many tasty benefits wrapped up in the resolution to pack more delicious lunches to take to work. Truth is, I’ve known all the terrific reasons to pack lunch for quite some time, but I’ve never quite been able to put the plan in action.

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New Year’s Wellness Resolutions

Some people hate resolutions. I think they loathe setting themselves up for failure or feeling pressured to perform or something of that nature. I look at New Year’s resolutions as a great time to stop and hit the reset button. Our national custom of resolution creation is a reminder that it’s occasionally important to look across the landscape of one’s life and work on some upgrades. What’s bad about that?

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Diet & Exercise, Circa 1900

By now, I think most of us who pay attention to food trends know Michael Pollan’s succinct mantra, as stated in the New York Times last year: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” This weekend, J ran across a little gem on Google’s online and out-of-copyright book collection that reminded me of Pollan’s levelheaded, simply stated health advice. It’s a book on training by a boxer who was perhaps the biggest badass of the late 19th Century: Robert Fitzsimmons, AKA The Freckled Wonder .

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Unlock the Salad Code

My boss loves it when I make salads for our department lunches. He’s not really into vegetables (he usually claims his favorite veggie is either the potato or the onion), so it’s kind of a nice compliment when he takes a big portion of salad. I find it disturbing, however that he believes there’s some kind of magic behind making a good salad. Shouldn’t a set of basic salad skills be one of the rights and responsibilities befitting a modern citizen?

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Eat What’s In Season

January is a grim season for locavores. I try to eat locally whenever I can, but there’s no way I’m going to pass up a juicy Pomelo in January or a sweet box of clementines in December. Thankfully, citrus is in season during the winter months, even if it does have a lengthy sojourn on the way here. If you live on on the West Coast, you have a few more options.

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Learn to Love Reading Food Labels

I think it’s sad that Whole Foods Market has taken over the world. I can no longer proclaim my love of whole foods without people misconstruing it as a love of Whole Foods. Research continues to show us that best stuff we can choose to eat is the food we’ve had available to us for the several hundred thousand years we’ve been on the planet. Food that’s as close to its natural form as possible.

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