A Sweltering Summer Secret: Mi Chelada Es Su Chelada
Recipes A Sweltering Summer Secret: Mi Chelada Es Su Chelada

Nearly 10 years ago, I visited the Yucatán Peninsula for the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival and discovered a wonderful, refreshing drink they called the michelada. It was a zippy cold cocktail of sour, savory and salty and umami flavors with brisk carbonation… just the thing for an afternoon of snorkeling, sunbathing and snacking on fresh fish tacos beside the sea. I didn’t see another michelada until I moved to NYC and finally rediscovered them at Barrio Chino, where the staff poured micheladas just the way I remembered, not to mention making great Yucatán-style fish tacos.

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Recipes Day 20: Have a Holly-Jolly Chutney

*This post marks Day 20 of Miss Ginsu’s 2007 Advent Calendar. Ah, the office gift exchange! Secret Santas. Perpetually exchanged fruitcakes. $5 gift certificates that get lost immediately. Between the cost restraints and varying levels of regular interaction, a gift exchange with coworkers can be tricky business, indeed. The classic white elephant gift exchange is fun, but I feel like I end up with a desk full of silly things that I need to dust periodically.

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